R & D

We attach great importance to digital transformation.

Voltpo is a company focused on development, innovation and change in line with ethical values, embracing differences of opinion, supporting and encouraging the transformation of creative thinking into added value, believing in the power of human resources, prioritizing its employees and respecting labor.

Our R&D department, which we established in 2022 with the aim of producing value-added products with advanced technology by closely following the developments in the world, has a dynamic structure with a total of 3 researchers and 4 engineers, 1 of whom are still continuing their doctorate education and 2 of them are still continuing their graduate education. Our R&D center, which demonstrates interdisciplinary work in the fields of electrical-electronics, machinery, computers, energy systems engineering and mathematics, has minimized errors with electrical-electronic and mechanical design programs, shortened project working times considerably and standardized designs under 3D drawing.

We attach great importance to digital transformation. In this context, our company aims to establish its digital infrastructure and reach a position that produces safe, efficient, low-cost and international standards.

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