Voltpo, with its solution partner Beta Enerji, produces and implements end-to-end chargers and power units, offering customers solutions from a single point. It operates in a market ranging from passenger cars to commercial vehicles with modular chargers of different powers supported by Transformer Power Systems and Energy Storage Systems.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Solutions

Voltpo offers turnkey solutions to all customers such as Fuel Stations, Shopping Malls, Roadside Resting Facilities, Public Institutions, Institutions, Factories, Parking Lots, Sites and Apartments with its wide product range of electric vehicle chargers.

Energy Storage Solutions

Voltpo Energy Technologies has a great experience not only in electric vehicle charging solutions but also in battery energy storage. Li-NMC, LFP, Li-Ti, Ni-Fe cells offer water-cooled or liquid-cooled energy storage solutions at the desired power and capacity.


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