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We are a big and beautiful family. In addition to being a strong employer brand, being a preferred company for new generations is one of the most important areas of our multi-value culture.

Creating an atmosphere in which the employee feels valued, shared and appreciated achievements act as an engine for the formation of a sense of belonging.

At this point, employee loyalty becomes the locomotive of a quality and safe work environment, enabling new gains to be revealed.



Voltpo does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, belief, color, gender, language, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability or religion to the people and institutions we do business with in all our transactions and social responsibilities.


Voltpo acts in an open, transparent and accountable framework towards all its business partners. It expects all its stakeholders to exhibit the same attitude.


At Voltpo, we are firmly committed to superior quality by prioritizing work safety. We are focused on quality in the path we follow in every product we produce.


We fulfill all the necessary conditions to be determined as “Trusted Company” and “Trusted Person” by Voltpo, the company and all our business partners with whom we are in relation as employees.

Respect for Nature

Voltpo is committed to creating environmentally friendly products and taking a protective role in all business and social activities that produce or invest.

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