Electric Vehicle Charger Solutions

DC Fast Charging Systems and AC Charging Systems are available.


DC Fast Charging Systems, AC Charging Systems

Voltpo offers turnkey solutions to all customers such as Fuel Stations, Shopping Malls, Roadside Resting Facilities, Public Institutions, Institutions, Factories, Parking Lots, Sites and Apartments with its wide product range of electric vehicle chargers.


It provides services to areas such as Fuel Stations, Shopping Malls, Roadside Resting Facilities where more than one charging station and high power are needed, with satellite charging and single plug or double plug single charger solutions. It provides an effortless electrical conversion experience from a single point by providing Concrete Kiosk, MV Switchgears (New generation compact SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker and SF6 Gas Load Disconnector), Distribution Transformers starting from Medium Voltage for customers where the installed power is not sufficient.

Fast delivery times are offered as standard solutions for single-plug and double-plug single-plug chargers, whose power level can be adjusted according to customer demands, thanks to their modular design. In case of request, power upgrades and infrastructure services are carried out by our experienced and expert team by purchasing the existing transformers.

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