The charger is designed and manufactured in Turkey. It is designed for high strength and high endurance for customers’ daily activities.

Power: 720 kW

720 kW VPSAT DC Electric Vehicle Fast Charging System

Usage Areas;

e-Car, e-Bus, e-Truck & Pickup Truck

Charging Estimates

You can see the estimated charging times in our units, which are offered with different power options, according to the battery capacities in the example.

Installation and Support

24/7 Customer support

As the 24/7 Voltpo Support Line, we are waiting for your phone and e-mails to help you at any time and in any matter. For the solution of your questions and problems, you can reach us on any subject and at any time.

Charger maintenance

You can request maintenance and repair by contacting us through our contact information and have your charging station repaired.


Want to provide a fast charge?

You can also install an electric charging station in your business with the power options you want.

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